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What is Nålbinding ?
Nålbinding is a 3 dimensional sewing technique.
Also discribed as  "single needle knitting" or "cross knit looping".
The stitches can be made on the thumb, Or off your thumb.
You use a blunt needle to sew your work. You don't want to poke yourself.
mammen stitch
For beginners I would recommand off the thumb stitches. Once you have the hang of that, you understand the basics of Nålbinding.
There are lots of different variation on those stitches. And sometimes you are doing a stitch and later you find out there was exactly a name for it. That happened to me more then once. 
Pattern codes :
To explain others what you are doing is not that easy sometimes. So somebody came up with a code or a description: the "Hansen - classification"
It descibes if you go Over or Under. And how many times.
*Here is a link with codes, desciptions and pictures:

Instruction videos:
Books are nice, but if you are like me, you learn faster when somebody shows you what to do.
Here a link to a page where I put them together for you: Instruction videos

Mammen stitch

Blanket stitch with Egyptian stitch ribs